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Over the last couple of years I have been enforcing the importance of Post Leadership to ensure thier membership within thier Post has the proper documentation to show they are eligible to become a member of the American Legion. As of recently I have fielded numerous calls from Post Officers telling me they are finding more and more members that have been members for a long time, are really not eligible to be members in the first place. I urge all adjutants to make sure they check a prospective members DD Form 214 and make sure the individuals dates of service and active duty Title is within the guidleines set forth for eligiblity to be a member of the American Legion. If you have issues do not hesitate to call Department Headquarters and we will help you verify a persons eligibility if necesaary. Below are some links that provide some information to you in regards to IRS guidleines for making sure a person is eligible to be a member of your Post and other requirements for running a non-profit organization.



The IRS has phone forums for Veterans Organizations: Help from the IRS on Key Rules  


Click the attached links to check out the three phone forum presentations recently posted on the
IRS Stay Exempt Resource Library as well as Q&As posted on the phone forums page

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