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I am going to write a weekly post to this page on our website. You elected me to do a job and it is my intent to keep you informed, whether at your posts during a visit or at a District meeting or Department Level Conference or the use of this site.

I was very pleased with the turnout at our recent Fall Conference. It was a very important conference as the Department Office held training on the new way to transmit memberships directly to National. If you could not attend, I suggest you get in touch with the Department Office to learn your options for sending your transmittals.

I want to take a moment to thank National Vice Commander Larry Marcouillier for attending our fall conference and for his input of ideas and his concerns about membership within the Department. It was a distinct pleasure having him in the Department of New Hampshire and hopefully he will be back for our convention.

Speaking of membership, we need 563 to reach our goal and I ask each of you to please “git ‘er done”. Your Department stands ready, willing, and able to assist you. All you need to do is ask! Please make an effort to contact (via visit or phone call), those individuals in your post who have not renewed yet and ask them to get them in. We are all in this together and must work towards the common goal of 100%. As I stated at the Fall Conference the top performing District (100% or more) at the end of the year, will get a $250 gift card to Emblems Sales or if you prefer $250 to your treasury.

For those who did not attend the Fall Conference you missed a very amusing event. I decided we needed a little fun when it comes to Membership. I went back in time to when gizmos were given to District Commanders and Department Vice Commanders, who districts were in last place in membership, to carry around. We all know that Membership is a horse race and I took that concept and trotted off with it. District 5 had the lowest membership percentage, so I give the District Commander a stick pony to carry around and because it is wishful thinking to increase membership in that district, I gave the Department Liaison to that District a magical Unicorn stick pony to carry to meetings. If they fail to bring the ponies to meetings, then they are to be fined $10.00 and the proceeds donated to the National Emergency Fund. The only way to rid themselves of the ponies is to increase their membership percentage above that of another District. The Department Vice Commander is in double jeopardy, because he is liaised to two Districts and must make sure that both his districts are ahead of any other district. USE THAT MAGIC UNICORN!!!!

Finally, I just want you to know how proud I am of to be, not only your Commander, but part of the team. This Department is the best. Hang in there and we will be the example for all Departments to emulate.

For God and Country,

David Meaney
American Legion
Dept of New Hampshire


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