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**** Reminder ****

National SAL’s per capita is $5. Detachment of NH SAL's is $6.

Squadrons need to be sending $11 per member on their transmittals.

No matter what year is being paid the dues sent to Detachment is $11.


Detachment of New Hampshire Leadership:


Detachment Commander: John Hook
National Executive Committeemen: Scott Merrill 
Alt. National Executive Committeemen: John Cook
Vice Commander: Mike Gallagher
Vice Commander: Rene Poulin
Adjutant: Isaac Miller
Finance Officer: Keith Murdough
Chaplain: Kevin Flanagan
Historian: Tom Doyle
Judge Advocate: Gary Desrosiers
Sergeant-At-Arms: Doug Komm
SAL Advisor:  Bob Dionne
Past Detachment Commander: Jim Wood III



2022 - 2023 Detachment Leadership and Committees

2022 - 2023 Squadron Commanders & Adjutants








** If you are a DUAL member and your SAL member ID has not merged to your Legion ID automatically, it could be because one or the other has a middle initial or a suffix etc. The merge will happen, it will make it easier on me if you’d just bring to my attention! If not, it will be stumbled upon. IT WILL BE MERGED.


A SAL member who has a DIFFERENT ID that starts 350 typically has been transitioned to the NEW ID because the ID they had belonged to a Legionnaire and when mySAL was merged with myLegion the Legionnaire kept the ID and the SAL received the new ID.

Squadron Adjutants there is NO error please refrain from correcting the new numbers back to their old numbers please.


2021 Squadron Handbook of the Sons of The American Legion


Detachment Constitution - Bylaws and Standing Rules

Mandatory changes to the SAL Preamble and the SAL Constitution


District SAL News ...

              District 1                     District 3                District 5                District 7

                               District 2                     District 4                District 6                District 8




SAL Detachment Delegate and Alternate Form - fillable

Annual Squadron Data Report (SDR) Form - fillable

Consolidated Squadron Report (CSR) Form - fillable Deadline APRIL 15, 2023

Child Welfare Foundation - Per Capita Banner Program - Request Form




Detachment Award Forms:


Squadron Commander of the Year Form - fillable


SAL Blue Brigade Award Form - fillable

SAL Individual Recruitment Award Form (IRA) - fillable

***  NOTE:  these award forms should supersede any and all previous versions


SAL Guide to Squadron Transmittals


Legion Access to SAL “Process Membership” Feature


SAL Membership Message from Det Membership Chairman


SAL Renewal Letter


Various Information:


Message from the SAL regarding Boys and Girls State


Resources by State to assist your SAL find services for Veteran’s


Why join the SAL a history of the program and a list of various programs









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