The American Legion Department of New Hampshire

The forms shown below are some of the most frequently used at the Post and Squadron level.

Updated 15 January, 2024

NOTE: Contact the Department Adjutant  or email Michael MacLellan at if links do not work or forms are missing

Post Annual Forms Checklist    Post Adjutants can use this checklist as a guide.

Post Adjutants should pay close attention to the forms below that are Bold Blue

1. SAL Transmittal Forms

2. Department Convention Delegate Change Form Used to change delegates

3. Direct Change Form

4. Department Committee Volunteer Form

5. American Legion Direct Renewal Notice Form. Used to have National HQ send renewal notices to members.

6. American Legion District Caucus Report Used by the District Adjutant to inform Dept of District Officers

7. SAL Membership Transmittal Sheets

8. American Legion Member Data Form Used to tranfer members

9. Post Officers Report Adjutant documents the Post Officers and validates their eligibility for membership. Signed by District Commander.

10. Consolidated Post Report 2023-2024 Used to inform National of volunteer and community hours the Post has performed.

11. SAL Post Data Report with Instruction Page

12. NH Annual Post Data Report 2025 Used to document Post information and to verify annual dues. 

13. Department Convention Delegate Forms and Delegate Strength Chart. Used to inform Dept of Post Delegates

14. Notification of Post-Squadron Commanders & Adjutants Form Used to notify the Name and info of the Post Commander and Adjutant

15. Convention Memorial Form. Used to document Post deceased members so their names are read a convention.

16. Squadron Officers Report

17. Travel Voucher, (expense Report)

18. Consolidated Squadron Report (fillable)

19. Riders Chapter Officers Report

20. District Officers Report

21. Honorary Life Member Form

22. District Caucus Report

23. Squadron Detachment Convention Delegate, Alternate and At Large form

24. Department of New Hampshire Legionnaire of the Year