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Americanism and Children & Youth eBulletin (Temp. Finan. Assist. (TFA) procedures and the coronavirus) and the TFA Application

Memorandum: The National American Legion College has been rescheduled

Pack -A- Pack Children and Youth Fundraiser

Generic Post Constitution and Bylaws  (Word Template)

Post 2 Drill Team

Office of the National Judge Advocate: DEC Suspending a Post Absent a Formal Hearing

MEMO: American Legion Membership Eligibility now includes newly created US Space Force

The American Legion National Headquarters Social Media Policy (Facebook)


Wesley’s Way Foundation is excited to announce that a playground is going to be

built in Wesley’s memory at Green Acres School in Manchester, NH in 2021!

Over the past few months, we have been working with Where Angels Play Foundation

to plan this major project. Where Angels Play Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization

that has built over 50 playgrounds across the country. Their mission is to create joyful places

to play and to provide hope and recovery for families in the wake of tragedy.

Honoring the memory of Wesley Belisle,

great-grandson of Leo Belisle, PDC.

(department message)

We are so very honored that this foundation has chosen to build a playground in memory of

Wesley. And this will be the first playground to be built by Where Angels Play Foundation

in New Hampshire!


Memorandum from National Judge Advocate, Kevin Bartlett

Resolution 1 was adopted by the Legion NEC on Oct. 16

which amends the Preamble wording from “the Great Wars" to "all wars." 

ALL Legion family must change their preamble in accordance with changes stated above.


Can I wear my American Legion cap to a political event?     NO!

The American Legion cap is considered the official legion uniform

(see p. 40 of 2018 Officer's Guide).

If attending a political event, The American Legion cap, or any clothing with

The American Legion emblem visible, must be removed so as not to imply any

endorsement by The American Legion.





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Mike Pollitt, Department Chaplain


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